May 20, 2008

(Very Belated) In-House News

I'm very sorry this blog has fallen on hard times, and appears to be on something of life support these past months. I plead a truly manic schedule with simply no time of late to post on this site. Is this a good-bye? I don't think so, necessarily, but this site may have to become less of a 'blog', and more of a place where I try to post longer commentary once or twice a month. Somewhat related, I think it's fair to say events in the financial markets since the credit crisis hit in July have also been a distraction, which in turn has contributed to less time to focus on foreign policy developments. Anyway, this is a courtesy note put up in haste, as E-mails are increasingly coming in asking if I'm doing O.K. The answer is most assuredly yes, all is well, save again, no time to maintain the site for now. In coming weeks/months I promise to better explain what I can honestly represent might be in store here at B.D., but I'm afraid professional and family commitments look set only to become more intense, not less, which doesn't necessarily bode well for this space. Still, don't count me out just yet, since the inception of this blog back in Belgravia in early 03 I've enjoyed the freedom to post on matters foreign policy, and being able to wade into policy debates on occasion remains important to me. But to blog with the requisite frequency and depth takes tremendous energy, and I'm afraid even super-human efforts would have me coming up short hours-wise. So, a different way forward will need to be determined, and I'll be thinking through the ‘hows’ better once I come up for air. Again, however, apologies, not only for taking so terribly long to even get this basic 'placeholder' note up, but also for not having yet answered emails wondering if all is well...

P.S. Particularly given the financial sector turmoil of late, I should add this site is just terrific and very much worth checking in at daily.

Posted by Gregory at May 20, 2008 11:45 AM

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