June 15, 2004

One Reason Joe Biden Should Not Get Secretary of State

John Kerry could field top-notch folks like former U.N. Ambassador and Bosnia peace shuttler Richard Holbrooke to the 7th Floor at State should he win the election.

But putting in Senator Joe Biden, as has been rumored in some quarters, would likely be a major mistake. For one, the guy (with all due respect)--is just too much of a blowhard.

Check out these utterances from a CFR Campaign 2004 debate (Chatham House rules do not apply--as this meeting was on the record!):

"And we squandered an opportunity for legitimacy by deciding that [Iraqi National Congress leader]Ahmad Chalabi should be airlifted into Basra and that the Shi'a would march into Baghdad like Christ went into Jerusalem before he was crucified. The crucifixion took place early."

A couple problems with this--aside from the absurd evocation of crucifixion imagery.

Chalabi was airlifted into Nasiriyah--not Basra (details matter when you are Secretary of State).

And we didn't march Shi'a into Baghdad! Hundreds of thousands already lived there in teeming slums like Saddam City (now called Sadr City, as we are all painfully aware).

Shouldn't Biden know all this? And, if he doesn't, shouldn't he be a little more, er, quiet?

Posted by Gregory Djerejian at June 15, 2004 09:03 PM