June 21, 2004

Game Time!

Let's play a little game.

Read this veritable opus over at the Guardian entitled: "9/11: At Last the Full Story Has Been Told."

Then spot (or comment, if inspired) the melodramatic language, manifold distortions and factual inaccuracies that riddle the piece (there looks to be almost one every other graf!).

Extra points for ones that make Bush (or Cheney) look bad and Clinton (or Richard Clarke) good.

And don't miss this beaut:

"Some, such as Osama bin Laden, tall, handsome scion of one of the Gulf's richest families, were minor celebrities. Others, such as Khaled Sheikh Mohammed, a tubby young Pakistani engineer, shunned the limelight."

They sound almost cute these two mass murderers, eh?

I mean, you almost wanna cuddle up with KSM, don't you?

You know, it's sad the U.K. has so few serious papers.

The Guardian, like the ultra-left Independent, is a tabloid, basically.

Stories like this one showcase that sad fact.

The mid to high-Tory musings of the Daily Telegraph are, truth be told, often suspect too. Nor is the Times hugely impressive ( Sarah Baxter, notwithstanding!).

Aside from the FT--it's quite grim over here--in terms of dailies.

Why can't the home of the best general circulation newsweekly in the world (the indispensable Economist) do better on the dailies front?

Beats me.

You know, this blog often criticizes the NYT. But, truth be told, it's mostly a labor of love. I consider it a national treasure (post-Raines, bien sur).

Ditto, the WaPo has a long and illustrious history. And the WSJ is pretty damn solid too.

Pity the Brits come up so short on this front, don't you think?

Posted by Gregory Djerejian at June 21, 2004 11:39 PM
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