July 15, 2004

He's More Invisible than Negroponte!

Today is Day 13 of the Joe Wilson abduction. A quick Nexis search shows that the last time he was on television was July 2. This is like a diabetic going two weeks without his insulin. Clearly, he must be handcuffed to a radiator somewhere. Why else would he not explain himself publicly?

-- Jonah Goldberg, writing over at the Corner


Or, per Taranto, Joe Wilson shying away from the cameras is like "Homer Simpson turning down a cheeseburger."

Anyway, we know he's not on the cruise just yet....

Gosh, stuck on a boat with Joe Wilson and Sid Blumenthal?!?

I'd rather be hunched over killing cockroaches in a land-locked, AC-less Lower East Side tenement during a vicious heat wave (don't ask) than sailing the open seas with this crowd...

P.S. Salon is going to need to update this, er, false advertising, no? (click on the "Speakers" section)

Joe Wilson: "Former Ambassador who debunked President's Bush's 16 words."

Oh my....

Gloat out.


The cruise schedule, whilst 'at sea', for September 6th:

Sept. 6th - Monday - At Sea

Salon.com Help Desk

Salon.com Panel Session - Queens Lounge
The secret history of Salon. David Talbot, founder and editor-in-chief of Salon, leads a special panel discussion on the Web site's untold story, and how it has weathered the wild ups and downs of the Internet storms to become an influential and independent media player.

Salon.com Help Desk

Salon.com Panel Session - Queens Lounge
The intelligence wars. Ambassador Joe Wilson, author of the bestselling book "The Politics of Truth," leads a special panel discussion on the Bush administration's dangerous assault on the U.S. intelligence community, and the growing civil war between the White House and the CIA.

Join other Salon.com guests at the Crow's Nest Lounge for cocktails and dancing before dinner! (Optional)

Late Seating dinner is served, all Salon.com guests to dine together

Note the pre-dinner dancing is optional!

And so, it would seem, are the 'Politics of Truth'!

Posted by Gregory Djerejian at July 15, 2004 06:05 PM

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