May 07, 2003

Mobile Bioweapon Labs Another possible

Mobile Bioweapon Labs

Another possible example of material breach per Resolution 1441 on the WMD front.

Key grafs:

"The vehicles was painted in what appeared to be a military color scheme, Mr. Cambone said. He listed several characteristics that American military officials regard as suspicious: a fermenter, which could be used for growing cultures; gas cylinders to supply clean air for production, and "a system to capture and compress exhaust gases to eliminate any signature of the production."

Mr. Cambone said that some of the equipment on the trailer could have been used for purposes other than producing biological weapons agents, but that American and British weapons experts have concluded, based in part on information from a defector, "that the unit does not appear to perform any function beyond what the defector said it was for, which was the production of biological agents."

The WaPo has a story up on it too. Walter Pincus and Michael Dobbs also discuss the billions of dollars looted by the Hussein family in their piece:

"In addition to the cash held in the Iraqi central bank, investigators believe that Hussein and his family had access to an estimated $5 billion to $10 billion in foreign bank accounts and front companies."

Posted by Gregory at May 7, 2003 08:42 PM

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