May 07, 2003

More on the Euro Four

More on the Euro Four

Last week I put down a few thoughts regarding the Franco-German-Belgian (wait, almost forgot Luxembourg!) initiative to provide for a Euro-military force. Harold Meyerson in today's WaPo has what might be viewed as a pro-Paris spin on the effort. A smarter piece is online at TNR.

"There are serious differences of opinion within the EU. Take Tony Blair's statement last week that Britain fully opposes any EU defense that would threaten or even duplicate NATO's capacity. Spain's foreign minister Ana Palacios has insisted that a small group of EU members had no right to call their plan "European." The Italian and Dutch foreign ministers were similarly critical. The Eastern European countries joining the EU will likely have none of it.

Which is to say, not only will Chirac and Schroeder have failed to put the fear of God in Donald Rumsfeld by unveiling their Axis of Unfeasible; if they press on with their comic-opera vision of European military grandeur, they risk gravely splitting the European project that their countries have successfully labored to build for over a half-century. Europeans have stopped killing one another in senseless wars. They have even built an admirable model of multilateral cooperation. But as yet, few are willing to die for it."

Posted by Gregory at May 7, 2003 09:45 PM

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