May 22, 2003

Resolution Watch Some UNSC cohesion

Resolution Watch

Some UNSC cohesion for a change:

"In a final concession, Washington agreed to a Security Council review within 12 months to examine how the resolution has been put into effect. The French had sought to give the Council power to rescind the mandate later.

The French foreign minister, Dominique de Villepin, appearing at a news conference with his German and Russian counterparts, Joschka Fischer and Ivan Ivanov, said last night that the latest version of the resolution put the United Nations "back in the game," adding that the United Nations special representative will now have a "tangible and independent role."

It is not clear if the Bush administration's choice for the job, Sˇrgio Vieira de Mello, the United Nations high commissioner for human rights, is willing to take on the job, diplomats said, but he was expected to arrive in New York soon for talks."

Andrew Sullivan has the reculer pour mieux sauter analysis.

Meanwhile, another galling NYT masthead that Dominique could have easily drafted himself.

And the Reliable Source over at the WaPo clues us in on Rummy's latest dining excursions in Washington:

"More news about the thaw in Franco-American relations: Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who only a few months ago referred to the French government as "a disgrace" and "truly shameful" over some disagreements on Iraq, was spotted dining Tuesday night at Petits Plats on Connecticut Avenue NW. Rumsfeld, his wife, Joy, and an unidentified couple were seated for more than an hour at a sidewalk table. No word on what they ate, who paid, or what they tipped."

He's got the goods on Laura Bush too:

"More evidence that Franco-American relations are undergoing a spring thaw: First lady Laura Bush went shopping Friday at Georgetown's Jean Pierrecq antique shop with a Paris-based friend, Jeanne Phillips, U.S. representative to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. We hear Bush was eyeing a tall 400-pound urn for the White House residence, and bought a smaller $40 pot fired from French Anduze clay."

I guess I can feel better about my shameless post-pub Evian-swigging now.

UPDATE: The French Ambassador to Washington is visiting Atlanta (and then on to Houston) attempting to patch up Franco-American relations in the heartland (San Francisco doesn't merit a visit--flowers and thank-you notes were deposited at the French consulate more often than angry E-mails or spilt Beaujolais, it seems).

Posted by Gregory at May 22, 2003 08:15 AM

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