July 09, 2003

Overheard on the Beeb Some

Overheard on the Beeb

Some real beauts on offer from the Beeb that I overheard late last night (and early this morning) from a hotel room in the CIS before dozing off. One report (no weblink available) has the BBC correspondent explaining why Iranians might not hit the streets today in protest in numbers as large as a month or so back. It seems that many Iranians have been disenchanted by the going-ons in both Afghanistan and Iraq. They have seen the U.S. engaged in "overturning one regime and providing (or was it provoking?) something worse" in its place. [my emphasis].

Hamid Karzai worse than a hyper-regressive theocratic regime that myriad Muslims worldwide denounced as too radical an interpretation of Islam? The Coalition Authority worse than a genocidal Saddam with the blood of tens of thousands of Shi'a and well over one hundred and fifty thousand Kurds on his hands?

I'd rather live without electricity in a sweltering city for a month or two than be gassed to death in what Samantha Power calls the "Kurdish Hiroshima." How 'bout you?

Next, the Beeb reports on Dubya's trip to Africa. We are told that, in "sharp contrast" to Clinton's visit a few years back, the reaction in Africa to Dubya's visit is distinctly chilly. We are then subjected to warmed-over "North-South" studies claptrap from the correspondent. The war in Iraq has led to a divide between many Africans and the Bush Administration. The division has become a rich/poor divide. Indeed, its become a black/white thing. Relations, it seems, between Africa and the Bush Administration are just shy of ghastly (though even the Beeb is reporting this.) And such events are doubtless going to contribute to worsening race relations, right?

Meanwhile, the Beeb seeks to "agree to disagree" with 10 Downing Street on differing interpretations regarding the information contained in the dossier in the run-up to the Iraq war. No retraction (let alone apology) as predicted (admitedly predictably) in this blog a few entries back.

But, without even a hint of chagrin or caution, the Beeb is already rushing about quoting unnamed intelligence officers on another story. I've already blogged about how the Administration should clear the air on the Niger/uranium story and perhaps disclipline individuals involved.

But the Beeb's strident anti-Americanism has them breathlessly hotting up the story thus:

"But the CIA official has said that a former US diplomat had already established the claim was false in March 2002 - and that the information had been passed on to government departments, including the White House, well before Mr Bush mentioned it in the speech."

Translation: If you believe the Beeb, the Beltway inter-agency zone was pretty much being flooded with memoranda and assorted communications comprehensively debunking the information that any attempts by Baghdad to procure uranium in Africa existed--many months pre-Dubya's SOTU where he made mention of the Iraq-uranium-Africa link.

Or so says another anonymous source! Hell, next thing you know Karen Hughes will be dragged out of quasi-retirement to play Alistair and rein in a Beeb that seems to make Howell's Times look like a paragon of journalistic accuracy.

Posted by Gregory at July 9, 2003 06:13 AM
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