October 01, 2003

Guardian Watch Here's the Guardian

Guardian Watch

Here's the Guardian on L'Affaire Plame.

Some key grafs:

"President George Bush's closest political adviser, Karl Rove, was yesterday at the centre of a criminal investigation into allegations that he leaked the name of a CIA agent in an attempt to suppress criticism of the administration's Iraq policy, in what is fast becoming the administration's worst scandal since coming to office." [my emphasis]

And more:

"If Mr Rove was implicated, it would seriously damage the president's standing at the start of his re-election campaign and rob him of an electoral mastermind who orchestrated his rise to the Texas governorship and then the presidency.

One veteran of the Clinton administration compared it to the Hutton inquiry. "In the Kelly case there's a body but no crime. Here there's no body but there is a crime," he said."

Whoah there. The White House press spokesman is on the record saying Rove wasn't the "outer".

From the WaPo Q&A to the Plame going-ons:

Q: Why was White House political adviser Karl Rove initially thought to be the leaker as opposed to someone in Vice President Cheney's office or the National Security Council?

A: Wilson initially said he thought Rove had told Novak about his wife's undercover work, although he has since backed off that assertion. He now says that he believes Rove "condoned" the leak. Asked about the accusation, a White House spokesman responded on Rove's behalf by saying, "It is a ridiculous suggestion, and it is simply not true." [my emphasis]

So either the Bush White House has f*&$*d up big time and not taken the old adage to heart--about the cover up being worse than the crime (a close call with this scandal given how egregious the charges)--or the Guardian is out to lunch again.

I think I know where the smart money is on this one. I mean, is it responsible journalism to describe Rove as being at the "centre of a criminal investigation" when the White House is already on the record having expressly denied that's the case?

And geez, even Josh Marshall thinks, given what has been said from the White House podium, that Rove isn't the guy.

But bad news for Dubya is too tempting for the Guardian to run away with, in hyperbolic Fleet Street fashion, facts be damned. They've got a major Howell Raines problem--and badly need some adult supervision.

Posted by Gregory at October 1, 2003 08:53 AM

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