December 15, 2003

Galloway-Types Aplenty at the Guardian

Galloway-Types Aplenty at the Guardian

Check out this display of astoundingly moronic knee-jerk anti-Americanism.

It certainly provides a fascinating window into the mind of Guardian readers...

A sample:

Total denial:

"The horrifying reality is that we will probably never know if this man delivered to Blair and Bush like a Christmas goose is actually Saddam Hussein. He will be in that category along with the complete absence of intelligence on 9/11 followed by the same for WMD. The sovereign nation of Irag was invaded for the WMD bought from Rumsfield, not for it's dictator. Why would we believe anything told to us by our governments? Stay tuned for the next election photo-op of Bush posing in one of his cute little military outfits he is not entitled to wear next to the captured 'Saddam'. Blair will be more sedate, in his school tie."

It's Halliburton, stupid:

"I agree. The capture's timing is just fortuitous in terms of the Halliburton scandals, and the "debt payment/reconstruction contracts" screw up. I think the timing is related to the fact that today is December 15th, the day that under the US sponsored resolution that the IGC was supposed to have a timetable ready for constitutional government in Iraq. Saddam's capture has distracted attention from the failure of the US to meet its own self-imposed deadline."

Sheer, Unadulterated Idiocy:

Chat board question: So, out of interest, did they shave his beard because they suspected it was the hiding place for WMDs?

"I pondered this myself, if Saddam had a greater profile as a devout moslem it could have been seen as a deeply antagonistic act. However it is probably down to the US forces' pathological fear of foreign lurgies and germs, and thus it was done in the interests of hygiene."

Poor Saddam--In the Hands of the Brutish Yanks...:

"The US forces (yes they are quite forceful aren't they?) not only have a pathological fear of foreign germs, they are control freaks too. SH will be denied human rights using the same logic as they apply to all non-US citizens (as well as US blacks, migrant workers...)."

It's the Jews!

"Nah, it was a typical Mossad schtick, if you ask me. They enjoyed catching the bugger and keeping him in a rathole for a month and now on top of it they are getting a prize!"

How can you reason with such people about the perils of a post 9/11 world in rational fashion? It's not possible, finally.

Posted by Gregory at December 15, 2003 05:59 PM

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