April 01, 2004

And Now, Richard Clarke, the Movie!

Oh, no.

This could be much worse than your, say, typical Oliver Stone flic:

"For his part, Mr. Sherman is now angling to sell the movie rights to Mr. ClarkeÕs book. "WeÕre starting to get those calls, and weÕll see where it leads," Mr. Sherman said. "IÕd be very surprised if something didnÕt happen." For movie rights, Mr. Sherman is working with a co-agent, Ron Bernstein at ICM. "He did Black Hawk Down and understands this better," Mr. Sherman said. Mr. Sherman then riffed on how Hollywood would treat Mr. ClarkeÕs book. "ItÕs part Jack Ryan, part George Smiley!" he said in mock Hollywoodese. "ItÕs Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, without the na•vetˇ." He seemed to be enjoying himself. "ItÕs like All the PresidentÕs Men or Patriot Games!" he continued. "Can Toronto look like Kabul?"

(via the NY Observer)

How awful this would be, no?

Richard Clarke's highly partisan account meets the imbecilic, Barbara Streisand precincts of Left Coast limousine liberalism.

Surely Mr. Clarke--a respected Washington player who enjoys a certain amount of gravitas among both current and former senior policymakers--surely he wouldn't go down this road?

Or would, again, "the citizenry and history have a justifiable need to know" the real story?

This time, via the (lucrative) Big Screen.

I've heard Clarke say he won't take a job in any prospective Kerry Administration.

I'd like to hear him say he won't allow for a hyper-simplified, Hollywood style movie to be made (yes, even if he gives the money from the proceeds to 9/11 families or such) about American terrorism policy through the Clinton and Bush years.

Firstly, the treatment of a critical episode in American history that merits judicious examination would instead, judging by his book, be treated in highly partisan fashion.

But second, imagine a movie version of the book?!? With the mega-dumb-down factor thrown in?

Hopefully Richard Clarke won't tarnish his government service so?

Developing, as they say.

Note: Richard Clarke, by the way, should steer clear of movies and related commentary.

In Against All Enemies, he discourses on the film classic "Battle of Algiers" describing it as "an old black and white French film."

But it's actually an Italian movie.

It's about the French experience in Algeria. (Incidentally, it's one of my very favorite movies, simply an amazing work, truly a 'must-see').

More important than the nationality of the director and such, however, Clarke's comparison of what is today happening in Iraq with the French experience in Algeria per Battle of Algiers falls short (for reasons I'll detail shortly).

Posted by Gregory at April 1, 2004 08:10 AM
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