July 08, 2004

We Get Mail!

The Seattle Times did not suggest that one should bookmark your blog. Rather it was someone who works for the Times’ on line edition only. I doubt ten people read it. I didn’t even know the blog existed. In any case, an honest man wouldn’t have used this “endorsement,” a smart one would know better than to look for praise from a second-rate paper like the Times, and no one worth their salt would want to be associated in any way with the Washington Times.


Jeff Huffman


Dear Jeff:

Gee, things must be a tad dull in Seattle these days, eh?

But hey, click through my banner blurbs anytime!

And, by all means, cogitate long and hard on whether I've met your 'fairness in advertising' smell test.

But please don't call into question my honesty. It means a lot to me!

For the record, please note that I had sent an E-mail to Tom Brown who runs the "Between the Lines" blog over at the Seattle Times.

When he wrote up his original post that turned into my blurb--I specifically asked him whether I could rep this as coming from the Seattle Times.

Brown had no issue with it. Since Brown has been with that paper for over twenty years, I thought it was O.K.--but I'm very sorry you feel differently.

I might add, judging from the traffic I get when Brown links me, you should note that significantly more than "ten people read it".

Sadly, it appears, Mr. Huffman isn't a reader of Brown's informative blog. And, I gather, he's not a big fan of the Seattle (or Washington) Times.

Quelle dommage!

But at any rate, given the rather depressing vibes he gives off--that's probably not a bad thing...

Now, do the vast majority of my readers care a whit about what I've just written above?

No, doubtless not. And for that I sincerely apologize.

But one of the advantages of running a blog is, every now and again, when you feel some (perhaps) inexplicable urge to sophomorically emote a bit--you can do so with relative impunity.

And, yes I do feel better having done it today!

I guess I get agitated when people call my honesty into question.

Once thing I try to do over here at B.D. is follow my head and heart--whatever conclusions they lead me to (ed. note: you're sounding tiresomely self-important and pompous, you realize? Yeah, I know, but cut me some slack this once, O.K?).

When something that really pisses me off happens (like Abu Ghraib)--I don't just tout the party line (plug "Abu Ghraib" in as a search term over to the right; you'll see what I mean).

I trust some of my regular readers, while sometimes angry at me, give me some kudos for this intellectual honesty.

So I guess I get pretty peeved when E-mails like this come through the hopper.

OK, end of rant.

Oh, while we are on the subject of odd E-mails--this one came through the wires overnight too (from E-mail address "debaathification@gov.iq"):

Dear Sir,

We have read your comments concerning the DeBa’athification and your dialog with Daniel Drezner. Here for many thanks for your interest in our future.

Now the Supreme National Commission for the DeBa’athification is organizing a congress at 18th of July 2004 in order to discuss the process in an honest and open way and we would like to invite you to this congress to explain your ideas.

Of course you will be our guest in every matter.

It would be a pleasure for us to welcome you in Baghdad.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Gee, that's pretty short notice.

And the 18th finds me in Geneva--probably about as far as one can get from Baghdad.

Professor Drezner, are you Baghdad-bound?

MORE IN-HOUSE GOING-ONS: We're featured over at Salon today (subscription or 'free ad' sit through required).

Posted by Gregory at July 8, 2004 11:47 AM
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