November 16, 2004

Powell Exits

Hasn't been a great day for us over here at B.D. Well, I'm back at the blogging station this Monday evening and will comment on all this shortly. In the meantime, Laura's on top of all the Cabinet and sub-cabinet shuffling about. My two cents later tonight.

Posted by Gregory at November 16, 2004 01:32 AM

Rice is going to State, according to ABC News. She accepted it from Bush at her birthday party yesterday.

What say you? Personally, I would have preferred her at Defense, although she has instant access to Bush and a bond with him that Powell never had. However, to get support from within the Dept., she'll have to show that she can drop her NSA hat and fight for Departmental interests.

Could Powell be coming to London as U.S. Ambassador to coordinate the MEPP with Jack Straw?

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