January 31, 2005

B.D.'s Moving Back to the Big Apple

A little in-house news flash. B.D. will be relocating back to New York City after just shy of two years in London. We had a great time in olde London town, but are tremendously excited to be returning to our favorite city in the world. I'm going to keep the same name for this blog, however, despite the relocation back home (though we'll, of course, indicate somewhere that we're no longer blogging from the UK). It's a) way too much of a hassle to change the name after all of you kind souls who have blog-rolled me out there, and b) truth be told, I don't think I would have started this blog if it hadn't been for the move to London. So I'll always be grateful to Belgravia for that! As some of you out there might know, Belgravia is a pretty, er, quiet neighborhood. This, and the often dank, rainy London nights often lent themselves to staying in and hysterically pontificating about international affairs (so did relatively early pub and bar closure hours!). New York, more mad-cap and frenetic pace-wise, is not exactly the most amenable environment for blogging, perhaps. Still, I'm confident we'll be able to carve out the time to keep this blog well alive in the Big Apple. I'm touching back down sometime in mid March to April. Until then, recall, I'm in the Carribbean on temporary assignment on a deal. Blogging, during the week, should continue to occur 9-10PMish EST and on (likely similar when I get to NYC). Really then, not much will change for readers, I guess. This is really just an FYI.

Posted by Gregory at January 31, 2005 03:41 AM | TrackBack (7)

It's good to know that you won't change your blog's name when you return to New York. What could you name it, anyway, that sounds as good as The Belgravia Dispatch?

Posted by: Munir Umrani at January 31, 2005 02:28 PM | Permalink to this comment Permalink

I was about to say the same thing..."Belgravia Dispatch" is way too sleek and dignified-sounding to be changed.

Posted by: Jeff B. at January 31, 2005 03:53 PM | Permalink to this comment Permalink

Good luck on the move. Just know that if you slack off too much, you might get featured here!
Enjoy the working vacation, at any rate.

Posted by: The Sanity Inspector at January 31, 2005 03:57 PM | Permalink to this comment Permalink

Please root for the Mets, and not the Yankees. Pretty please?

Posted by: fling93 at January 31, 2005 07:15 PM | Permalink to this comment Permalink

As a New Yorker, I would like to welcome you back home! I have enjoyed your blog tremendously, and am thankful that you will continue to publish despite the many distractions that Gotham provides!

Posted by: RAZ at January 31, 2005 09:42 PM | Permalink to this comment Permalink


I'll miss you.

You're still one of my favourite bloggers to link to.

Posted by: David T at January 31, 2005 09:56 PM | Permalink to this comment Permalink

I've never even been to New York, but the thought of moving there makes me hungry. Or do you prefer the food in London?

Posted by: Uncle Mikey at February 2, 2005 03:29 PM | Permalink to this comment Permalink
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